Think of All God’s Children

Mar 21st, 2009 | By John Waller | Category: Poetry

In this world of high prosperity there is so much we can do
To make this world a better place for those like me and you,
  But in other lands not far away
  There’s children dying every day
For things we take for granted and things we throw away.

Diseases that the modern world have long since overcome
Are the very same diseases that these kids are dying from,
  What malnutrition doesn’t kill
  These afflictions surely will
And most could be prevented with a shot or simple pill.

When a rabid revolution rears its ranting raving head
Its arms of persecution leave countless thousands dead,
  Who’ll protect an orphan alone
  Who’ll object as skin clings to bone
Who’s left for a refugee all alone and far from home.

Even in our greatest cities children live out on the street
They sell themselves or drugs or steal to get something to eat,
  They run from troubles in their lives
  To find on the street there’s no place to hide
Then they’re left with no hope, only darkness and pain inside.

But before you say its hopeless, that these children can’t be saved
Before you say its impossible to avoid their early grave,
  All we ask is do what you can
  And never forget your fellow man
And think of all God’s children as yours in that foreign land.

We’ve got to save the children now
They’re just little anyhow
They’ve got a right to a life and somehow
We’ve got to save the children now.

By John M. Waller

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