Let’s Reclaim the American Way

Jun 29th, 2008 | By John Waller | Category: Poetry

Where is the America that I once knew
The land of our fathers, the place where I grew
  The beacon of light
  For the world shining bright
Now it’s gone – where’d we go wrong?

We used to be the compass for a world full of need
No problem could stump us when America took the lead
  From human rights and fairness
  To environmental awareness
This was our way – let’s reclaim it today!

Our foreign eyes are blinded and fear is at the core
Terror pandering and mongering with perpetual war
  We demonize our foes
  To legitimize our pose
But it’s wrong – this can’t go on!

Cynically we’re fractured, divided into two
Into red states and blue states, ‘stead of the red white and blue
  The talking heads propel us
  Their talking points compel us
To despise their side – let’s all compromise!

We were built on dreams of immigrants welcomed to our shore
Gained strength through our diversity, each adding a little more
  But now we turn away
  Those that made us this way
Roll back the hate – America cannot wait!

The founding fathers taught us that this land is for us all
United we stand, divided we fall
  Life and liberty
  And the freedom to be free
The home of the brave – let’s reclaim it today!

We’re not brave when we’re afraid
Nor free when we’re astray
  Let’s reclaim the American way!
There’s no problem we can’t solve
All it takes is the resolve
  Let’s reclaim the American way!

We’re strong when we’re one heart
But weak when split apart
  Let’s reclaim the American way!
All it takes is to decide
All America’s on one side
  Let’s reclaim the American way!

by John M. Waller
June 29, 2008

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